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With over 10,000 people in attendance, the UCCU Center was packed with eager fans waiting to experience this year’s UVUphoria event, in honor of the schools 75th year anniversary.

“It all together was really good. I really enjoyed myself, it was a great concert for a really good price. It should have been more than $20. For those famous groups to come in and do that for UVU. [It] helps build UVU’s unity and brought the community together. It was a really great experience,” said Ethan Wheatley, a junior in the digital audio program.

Jason Derulo, American Authors, and Rachel Platten took the stage to perform their chart topping singles Friday September 23 at 6:30 p.m.

Before the main show commenced, various local artists such as Rob Lanes, Madilyn Paige, UVU Voiceline, and the UVU Green Man Group each took a turn on the stage performing.

Rachel Platten, an artist best known for her singles “Fight Song” and “Stand by You”, kicked off the UVUphoria event as one of the main acts. Platten preformed her two hit singles and various songs that are not as well-known off of her recent album.

“Oh my goodness you guys are so much fun,” Platten said after preforming her hit single “Stand by You”.

Platten’s corky personality made her relatable and approachable causing fans to shout their love for her throughout the arena.

“There are a lot of people that are taking pictures together, dancing together, having fun and making sure the people around them have fun as well,” Wheatley said.

American Authors brought a new vibe into the arena. The bands lead singer, Zac Barnett, stood right on the edge of the mosh pit. People pushed to get close to him, and reached out for his hands and face. The mosh pit went crazy. People were falling over, getting pushed, and passing out.

To begin the final performance of the night, Jason Derulo’s personal DJ, John Murphy, took the stage to get the crowd pumped. “I’m gonna turn things up,” said Murphy while he played various hit singles that got the crowd dancing. People jumped up and down at the same time, which caused the screens to shake.

“It was too loud. I had to plug my ears because people were screaming so loud. There are people who go to events that just go because they want to be with their friends. It felt like everyone that went, went because they wanted to go,” Wheatley said.

Jason Derulo started his performance with his hit single “Trumpets.” Throughout the night, heperformed many of his hit singles like “Wiggle”“Want to Want Me”“Don’t Wanna Go Home”and “Marry Me.”Before he sang his last few songs, he left the crowd with this piece of advice, “Learn to love yourself before you love someone else,” Derulo said.

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