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ComedySportz, located in downtown Provo, provides laughter for all who go. “ComedySportz is unique, live, and different… Even though we play some of the same games the show is always new and always fresh,” said Patrick Livingston, a professional actor for the show.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, two teams of actors take the stage to compete in various improv games. The audience is encouraged to participate by shouting topics to be acted out. During one of these games a team was given the topic of high school cliques. With only a few seconds to prepare they were able to create a funny two-minute scene using stereotypes everyone can relate to.

“My left cheek fell off I was laughing so hard. The actors are so witty. It’s hard to come by people who can be funny all the time, but those actors are,” said Kyler Miller, a first time audience member.

Comedy is an art and a skill. Like a regular sport, it needs to be practiced. For example, when playing baseball, the players do not wait until the game starts to learn how to throw a ball. They learn before the game, and practice throwing hundreds of times in order to acquire the skill. The actors of ComedySportz practice their skill by rehearsing the games they play before the show begins.

Most of the players in the show have other jobs as well. They come from all different backgrounds and states, each of them bringing something new and different to the table.

What’s unique about improve is a lot of the practice and skill come from the performances. Since the players have no way of knowing what the audience members will shout out they are constantly learning and thinking on their feet.

“Generally comedy is one of the hardest mediums. Especially live comedy because you can’t re-do it. If your jokes [aren’t] a hit, then you are screwed,” said Aaron Hurt, an audience member a local comedy YouTuber.

With a crowd with ages ranging from four to eighty, singles to couples, religious to non-religious, ComedySportz has a hard task of trying to appeal to the masses and make a show that is funny for everyone.

“The audience was definitely laughing the whole show,” said Miller.

“It’s hard because comedy is not universal. Everyone has got their different styles. Some people like physical comedy, verbal comedy, slight comedy, dry comedy, stuff like that. It’s hard to find something what works for everyone. To be on a stage, in front of everyone, trying to get a general audience to like your jokes would be incredibly hard,” said Hurt. With passion, practice, dedication, and skill the players of ComedySportz have created a place where truly anyone can go and have a great time.