Faculty Art Show

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As college students we spend every moment scrutinizing our own work as students, whether it be through art, writing papers, solving equations, or building things. We are taught to question everything and to always continue improving. We receive constant feedback and criticism from our professors, our peers, and our families about our chosen field of study and where to focus our efforts for a specific career path. Art students regularly evaluate each other’s work, however we don’t often get the chance to review the work of the very people who taught us how to critique. “It is good for students to see what the faculty are doing. So often we see what the students work on, but they don’t always see our own work. Putting your personal work out there helps to establish credibility. You can’t hide behind crap.” said Howard Fullmer, Art/Visual Digital Foundation Assistant Professor.

The Faculty Art Show, which occurs at the Woodbury Art Museum (inside of the University Mall in Orem, UT) annually during the Fall semester is a way for students to view the work of their teachers. This past Thursday, October 6, 2016 was the opening reception for the 2016 Faculty Art Show, and hundreds of visitors including students, professors, and local residents came out to discuss fine art and the immense talent that the UVU Art & Design staff have on display. “The Faculty Show is exclusive to this venue. It is a fantastic way of promoting the community, and a way to see all of these great projects at once, done by amazing professors that the students interact with. It is a chance to see current work that the professors are working on, since all submissions have been created in the past two years” said Melissa Hempel, Woodbury Art Museum curator.

This year the exhibit included many works by new professors, showing greater diversity within style and concept. “I feel like the addition of new professors makes the show fresh and surprising. It’s refreshing to see different types of work and that’s exciting for the students to experience.” said Ellie Parker, a junior and Printmaking major. The professors come into the university and teach the students core foundations, but they spend so much of their time helping students to learn and grow within their work. So to be able to see their personal projects and how they develop as professional artists is quite a humbling experience. It is a way for the art students to grow an understanding of where their professors are coming from creatively, and to gain an appreciation for the wealth of knowledge and experience available to us at our fine university. “It’s refreshing to see your professor’s pieces in a museum, it brings a new light to their talents and abilities,” said Jilleun Jasperson, a senior and Art & Visual Communications major.

Although the bulk of the visitors from the opening reception contain artists, everyone within the community, specifically other UVU students, can appreciate this exhibition. “This show brings culture to all students throughout the university.” said Katie Rees, a sophomore and Art & Visual Communications major. There are deep messages imbedded within each artwork, something for everyone to relate to. “I’ve never seen anyone go into a museum to learn about the beauty of business. Art is the way that we learn about the world in which businesses and technology exist.” said Travis Lovell, Photography Area Coordinator. The Faculty Show will run through December 3, 2016 and is definitely worth a visit to wander around the museum and ponder the deeper messages within the art