Author: Parker Donat

Q & A with Abbie Beutler

She grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, but her performance on the court reflects much more excitement than that. Senior Abbie Beutler is playing in her second year here at Utah Valley University after transferring from Snow...

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The NBA, back in business

Yes, the NBA is a business as fans were abruptly reminded this off-season. Owners and players alike were little kids fighting over their Happy Meal toy the fans gave them. But a Happy Thanksgiving will once again lead to a Merry...

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The UVU Police Beat

10/27/11 2:35 p.m. A fire alarm was reported at the UCCU Center during the State High School Vol- leyball tournament. I was already on scene and was able to quickly determine the alarm was caused by a poorly placed cotton candy...

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