Sweet sounds of UVenue first show

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Garrett Gardner serenades the crowd during UVenue in the courtyard on Sept. 14.

At the first UVenue event student artists shared their talents and competed for a $50 prize


As the sun set, light pulled at the color of the balloons decorating the quad, the air filled with all kinds of music, ranging from acoustic guitar and keyboard to the mountain dulcimer.
At UVenue, the newly reformed Battle of the Bands created by UVUSA, nine musicians performed a variety of music for students as they competed to win on Wednesday, Sept. 14.


Many things were offered to students through UVenue to both audience members and musicians. One UVUSA member, Morgan Peterson, explained how UVenue brings people together.


“[UVenue] allows people to show off their talents, be outside and get to support each other by voting for them so they can win,” Peterson said.


The winning band, I’MDesigner, won a $50 Summerhays Music gift card along with the opportunity to compete in the final competition later this semester.
Each performer came ready to play their best, although many planned to compete, there were some who simply came to have a good time. Some of the performers didn’t even know it was a competition.


Sammie Davis, singer and guitar artist, found out it was a competition after she signed up.


Davis, who was originally an opera singer, retrained her voice to sing pop music. This past performance was her first in over a year. She explained how she enjoyed attending because each act was “versatile and unique.”


In addition to new music and free food, UVenue offers students a calming atmosphere.


“People don’t enjoy the campus as much as they could,” said sophomore and avid music lover Dartagnan Gomes who attended UVenue. “If people would come, it would make their lives as students so much more enjoyable.”


Students aren’t the only ones attracted to UVenue, however, it is a great place for musicians to share their talent.


“There are so few places to perform around here,” said Nathan Evans, drummer for the band Image Down. “School venues are really good for musicians.”


School venues are an easy way for musicians to get their music heard and recognized by peers.


As performers, they each have a desire to send the audience away with an idea or thought they did not have before.


“Like any art, the purpose [of the music] is to entertain or inspire,” Davis said.


Scott Wilson, lead singer and guitar player of Image Down, created one of the band’s most well-known songs, “Under My Skin,” after being inspired to share the reassurance that his family was the most important part of his music career, not a handicap. According to Evans, the song was written for Wilson’s wife.


“This is a great way to discover new music, to support your community, especially when it’s free and there’s food,” Evans said. “It is a part of being in the community and a part of the school.”


The second of three UVenue competitions will be held on Oct. 12. The winners will each move on to compete in a final event for the chance to win an even bigger prize.

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