Gift guide for Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re single, dating, married, or on the prowl, there is one simple way to make this Valentine’s Day a successful one: give love to those who mean the most.

Gifts for her

Make sure you let her know how beautiful she is. A romantic night out is always nice; however, try something homemade this year.

Give her flowers and a handwritten letter expressing how much you love her. You can also create a
list of compliments that she can read out of a compliment jar— chocolate included.

“I love hearing that he loves me and what he loves and likes about me,” said Christina Nielson, a UVU junior studying Business Management.

Gifts for him

We always think of Valentine’s Day as a day for the guys to spoil the girls, but guys need to feel the love too.

“Guys need to be told that they’re loved,” said Collin Anderson, a UVU sophomore in the Computer Science program.

The gift doesn’t have to be a new watch or his favorite cologne; rather, it can also be as simple as a handwritten letter. Throw in his favorite action film and watch it with him as well.

Gifts for your brother

It’s not all about romantic love. Take the time to show your brother how much you care for him. Look back on your relationship and give him a gift that he’d appreciate.

Depending on his age, you could give him movie or sporting event tickets that he can use on
a date of his own. You can also make it funny and give him a sappy Valentine’s Day card like the ones you passed out in elementary school.

Gifts for your sister

Even if your sister has a boyfriend—or is married—a girl can never get enough love. Create a sentimental gift that reminds her of the good times you’ve had.

Gather a collection of photos that have just the two of you in them. Place the photos on a candy bar poster and add phrases like: “You’re such a Sweetart,” or “I love you to Reese’s Pieces.”

She’ll have a good laugh with the pictures and enjoy all of the candy.

Gift for your best friend 

Whether you are single or taken, make sure you show your best friend some love. Grab a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and put in your favorite chick flick.

“Boyfriends come and go, but friends are always there for you, so make sure you celebrate the holiday together,” said Kaylee Elquist, a UVU junior in the Behavioral Science program.

Papa Murphy’s heart shaped pizzas are ready to pick up in the store starting the first week of February and cost just under $10.

Everyone feels loved differently so take notes and go gift for the right person, the right way.

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