Staying in for Valentine’s Day

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Photo illustration: Valerie Cheatham, Photo Editor, @valeriecheatham


You don’t have to have a fancy reservation or drain your life savings on the day of love. Have a fun night at home and don’t worry about going out for the night.

Feb. 14 can feel overwhelming for many students and couples. It’s such a hassle trying to face the crowds that are all trying to get into the same romantic restaurant.

At the end of the night, Valentine’s dates can feel more exhausting than passionate or enjoyable. For those that desire a low-key evening that still feels special, here are some ideas that don’t require you to leave the house.

For starters, build a fort. Remember the forts you built as a kid out of sheets, chairs and pillows? Do that same thing just on a bigger scale. Add some Christmas lights or flameless candles inside for that romantic glow. Build it around a TV or set up some games.

If the fort feels like too much of a project then set up a picnic in the living room. Show off your culinary skills or order a pizza. Pull out a fancy drink and your finest glassware. Play games afterwards or cuddle up and watch old movies.

For an even more casual activity, put on your pajamas and make breakfast. Having breakfast for dinner in your pajamas is a fun way to shake things up. Pick out a recipe you want to try and make it together. Learn to flip a crepe or just whip up a bag of pancake mix.

If crepe flipping fails, treat you and your partner to some free dance lessons, courtesy of YouTube. Have you ever wanted to learn how to salsa or hip-hop? Look them up on and dance the night away.

Maybe when the videos over dim the lights and slow dance to a smooth jazz station on Pandora. If the romantic feel isn’t what you’re going for, get some glow stick necklaces and bracelets and turn your living room into a club.

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be just the two of you? For those who are in the early stages of a relationship, take the pressure off and throw a party with your friends. Have a couple Olympics party and may the best couple win!

Set up contests, like trivia games or obstacle courses. Play the newlywed game and see how well everyone knows each other. To keep costs low, make sure each person brings a favorite treat or drink for the party.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful and can still be successful. Keep it simple, at a low cost and
the night will be more than you ever could have imagined.

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