Disengaged learning
0 comments, Tuesday, October 21st, 2014, by Nicola Pritchett in Opinions

With all the advantages to education at UVU, it seems like a lot of students aren’t paying attention Nicola Pritchett | Production Manager | @xnicolajudith  On Tuesday morning I showed up to class with a dead laptop. Robbed of my screen, I pulled a barely-used notebook from my backpack and sat ... Read more...

Do what you love

Do what you love

0 comments, 26/09/2014, by KresLynn Knouse
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U2 and Apple, stay out of my music
¡Viva the Internet!
0 comments, 11/09/2014, by Sean Stoker in Opinions

If they want the World Wide Web, they can pry it from our cold, dead fingers Sean Stoker | Opinions Editor | @theroyalthey The Internet is awesome. That much goes without saying. It connects, broadcasts, teaches, facilitates easy trade, entertains and so much more. The current setup of the ... Read more...

Are we green?
0 comments, 09/09/2014, by Sean Stoker in Opinions

A review of UVU’s environmental protection policies shows the school is very eco-friendly  Sean Stoker | Editor-at-Large | @TheRoyalThey Like an alien race from a low-budget sci-fi movie, we Wolverines bleed green. But no amount of rhetoric or half-hearted sentiment can make up for a lack of ... Read more...

Keep UVU unique and open
0 comments, 21/04/2014, by Jimmy Hall in Opinions

It’s difficult to succeed if no one will give you the chance. This basically sums up my feelings about UVU’s open admissions. UVU is in a unique situation. We are sandwiched between three major universities: BYU, the University of Utah, and Utah State. All of them have their strengths and par... Read more...

Just walking away
0 comments, 19/04/2014, by Brittany M. Plothow in Opinions

Illustration by Trevor Robertson Graduation ceremonies bore me to tears. I have sat through my two older brothers’ college graduations, my oldest brother twice for his Bachelors and Masters degrees. Every single time I would promise myself, and my poor family, that I would not walk at graduatio... Read more...