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The negative impact of perfectionism among Mormons

By James S. McGraw Illustration by Tyler Carpenter Over the last several years there has been an increased concern from scholars and mental health professionals about the negative effects perfectionism has on a person’s well-being. Researchers typically define perfectionism as “setting unrealistically high standards, rigidly adhering to them, and defining… self-worth in terms of their achieving these standards.” With this definition, it should not be surprising that perfectionism has been found to be an element of numerous mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, sexual disorders, OCD and experiences such as suicidal thoughts. For this reason, many...

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Hiring a UVU president who will bat for students and academics

By Lydia Mongie Who will UVU’s Presidential Search Committee select to be the next president of UVU? What qualifications will they have? What concerns will they prioritize? Will they have a degree in Philosophy? English? An MBA? Will they even have a degree? These are some of the questions students are asking about who will fill this central leadership role. The results aren’t in yet, but the candidates are. Feb. 2 was the deadline for applications for UVU’s presidential spot. According to the Presidential Search website, the ideal presidential candidate must “be a proven leader at an academic institution...

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