Author: Andrew Creer

Women’s basketball: UVU downs Ottawa University Arizona in exhibition

Ottawa University Arizona participated in their first collegiate women’s basketball game against UVU – and the Spirit put up a fight. OUAZ kept it close in the first quarter, scoring 12 of their 16 points off of three pointers. “I expect every team we play to show up and work hard. There’s not one team on our schedule that isn’t going to come out and play hard,” said Cathy Nixon, UVU head coach. The Wolverines responded with 18 points of their own, six being put up by sophomore guard Gabrielle Leos. It was clear from the beginning that this...

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Women’s basketball team looks ahead to new challenges in 2017-18

Photo by Sarah Sanchez “If you look at last season from the outside and don’t really know the story, it’s really hard to understand what really went on last year,” said Cathy Nixon, head coach of UVU’s women’s basketball team. The 2016-17 season was filled with both good and bad surprises for the Wolverines. Last year’s squad was a young team, having five freshmen and four sophomores listed on the roster. Injuries became an issue throughout the year, with the team playing eight games with just seven players and having two games with only six active players. The combination...

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