Resources to utilize for the fall semester

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The fall semester can be a stressful time for all students, but UVU has many resources to lessen the pressure of returning to school. Here are some resources that can help students on their first week back.

Coming back to school in the fall does not have to be a time of stress and worry. Like many universities, UVU provides plenty of resources for students to ease the anxiety of returning to school following the summer break.

Looking for some extra help when dealing with a difficult class? UVU provides an extensive list of tutoring options and learning strategies support. On campus, there is the Academic Tutoring Lab (, the Language Lab (, the Math Lab ( and the Writing Center ( Each of these wonderful resources is put in place to aid students in their endeavor to achieve good grades, as well as in their journey towards overall academic success. Often, courses will even require that students spend a certain amount of time utilizing these resources. For instance, language classes will usually require attending tutoring sessions several times a semester.

Needing access to some helpful software for school, but are unable to afford it? UVU offers a list of free software including full access to Microsoft Office applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more! Not only can students download each of these programs to their own devices, but they can use them anywhere and for any project. UVU also has free access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc.

There are a plethora of ways to get involved on campus in order to make students enhance their social lives as well as their academics. A few of the best ways that students can get involved are through clubs. UVU has an amazing system of clubs that range from language learning to food to martial arts. There is a club rush during the first week of school in front of the Fulton Library for those looking to join a club and make some new friends. Some other ways to get involved include the Outdoor Adventure Center in the Student Life Center, where outdoor enthusiasts can climb, bike, hike and meet other people interested in the same. UVU also has many opportunities to join student government, if students are interested in boosting their resumes and getting involved in campus politics.

These are just some of the awesome resources that UVU has for students, not to mention many more at this link: Though the first week of school can be overwhelming for all students, the tools for success can ensure that the fall semester starts off on the right track.

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