Show your creativity and get published

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There are three literary journals on campus in which students can publish essays, short stories, artwork and more.

Courtesy of the English and Literature Department, there are three student-run journals available at UVU to publish one’s creative works, featuring essays, short stories, artwork and poetry. It is a wonderful way to break out of one’s comfort zone and display one’s talent to fellow students.

Publishing with UVU is also an opportunity for students to open up to the mysterious and intimidating world of publication. This is often the necessary first step to building an eye-catching portfolio for those students who wish to continue pursuing a career in the arts.

Each of the journals focuses on curating a unique set of voices. Want to delve into the meaning behind your favorite book or movie with an expansive essay? Then UVU’s premier journal of literary analysis, Essais, is for you. Love to build fantastical worlds that are beyond belief or imagine disruptive, future technologies? Your ideas will be a welcome addition to the speculative fiction of the Warp and Weave. Or are you more interested in finding a niche completely your own? Touchstones are where you belong.

Deadlines for the Fall 2022 semester are still to be determined, but they come quickly, so open up your Google Drive –or wherever you’ve been hiding that artistic work you’ve been too shy to share until now –metaphorically dust it off and polish it for publication, because these journals need and want your work. One can find instructions on how to publish with each of these journals at