Alexis Palmer discusses campus construction

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As many returning students know, certain parts of Utah Valley University campus have been under construction for a while now. With the original estimated finish date of the Scott C. Keller building being the end of 2021 the rest of campus construction was also delayed in their original deadlines.

“From weather to the torrential rains that we had back in the spring caused some damage to supply chain demands,” Alexis Palmer, dean of students/Associate vice president of Student Development and Well-Being said. “That has also added to the delays.”

However, much to the joy of campus goers, construction has been finished in almost all of the campus.

“We’ve been under construction for about two and a half years,” said Palmer. “And this is an exciting time to have all students, not just freshmen or those first-year students, come back to UVU but even our students who have been away during covid. And being able to come back and see all the great changes that have happened on campus.”

The university even posted about the good news on their Instagram captioning it, “There’s nothing better than a good glow-up, and over the past few years, the UVU campus has had an amazing makeover, from the new entrance, featuring the Keller and Gateway Buildings, to brand-new student housing at The Green on Campus Drive.”

Along with the new editions to campus is the reopening of the food court and the many different restaurants on campus such as; Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Costa Vida, Arby’s, Starbucks, Papa Johns, Wendy’s, Subway, Taco Bell, Cupbop, Trades Café, Momma Fulton’s Cafe, Jamba Juice, Gurus, two separate Scoops locations, Kolache Krave, Aubergine Kitchen, Sushi, E.A.T.S. and Sodalicious.

“Part of it is just the new energy that the Sorenson Center remodel will bring to campus as well as the new Keller building. This is great energy and then you bring back everyone to campus. And I’m just excited for that first day, where people get to feed off of each other’s energy and see the changes that we’ve been able to make.”

Palmer puts an emphasis on freshman convocation saying that it is something that every student should go to and experience. This includes all the week of welcome featuring some events hosted by many organizations and clubs on campus.