Homecoming Events: Part II

The UVU Student Association will host a series of events that will try to help out students by giving them free things, showing a movie to get them excited about the snow season, an event to show off the dancing talent of students at UVU and a chance for any parents involved at UVU to come and meet the basketball team.


The Polar Plunge is a chance for UVU students to prove something to the world. It might be their overall craziness, their desire for a prize or that they are just more stubborn than other students.


The plunge will be part of Homecoming Week. It will take place at noon in the courtyard on Nov. 17. This event has gone on for quite a while at UVU.


Last year there were 30 people that entered for the chance to win an iPod Touch. This year the Outdoor Activity Center is expecting around the same amount of people to show up. The prize this year will also be an iPod Touch.


This year won’t be so much about endurance under freezing water, but there will be some form of a twist that is being kept a secret so no one can prepare. For anyone who wants to join, there is a sign-up sheet at the OAC. It is free to join and watch, but students have to sign up in advance.


For students ready to watch some popping, locking and roboting, there is a chance to wet their whistles by viewing students dancing their hearts out. As part of Homecoming Week, UVU is holding the second Best Dance Crew competition. It will be held in the Activities Center in the P.E. building at 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17, sponsored by the UVUSA.


Last year there were around 600 people in attendance to watch the first event. The winning group was the Swagger Rangers. This year, student government expects it to be bigger. There will be six crews competing for a first-place check worth $500; second place will get $200. All competitors had to audition to make it to the finals.


Along with the competitors, there will also be performances by Miss UVU, Alisha Lee and the Salt Lake City dance crew The Bboy Federation. Tickets for the event are $1 for those with a UVU student ID and $2 for everyone else.


There will also be a chance for students, faculty, staff and alumni to bring their children to meet with others and walk in the shadow of quasi-giants. Homecoming week looks to create a bond with young children and alumni as they have a chance to meet with the men’s basketball team at UVU. This will be on Friday, Nov. 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the Activities Center in the P.E. Building. The women’s team won’t be around that night because of a game.


The event will be free for anyone with some form of ID linking them to the school, so staff and students are welcome to come. UVUSA puts on a couple of these kids’ nights a year and they said that this is the most popular one since the little ones get to meet the basketball players.


Along with the team there will also be members of the cheer team and the dance team to meet and greet.


UVUSA will give away basketballs and t-shirts so the children can get autographs from whomever they wish.


There will be a movie put on for students during homecoming week. The movie will be “Breaking Trail,” a skiing movie filmed mostly in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.  It will be shown at Centre Stage Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. The movie is part of the Powerderwhore ski and snowboard team. The movie is about members of Powderwhore who go around to find parts of backcountry trails in the mountains that most people wouldn’t have the chance to get to, or wouldn’t want to traverse if they could get there.


So if any student is looking to get some free stuff doing something stupid, Homecoming week has them covered. If they want to see someone receive a big cardboard check for some hipping and hopping, Homecoming week has them covered. If parents are looking for a free night of letting their children run wild, covered. And if that doesn’t sound good, then sit back and enjoy a movie of people doing crazy things and start dreaming of a white Christmas.


By Jarom Moore – Managing Editor

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