Freshmen and seniors have a dress-off

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To be stylish, or not to be stylish? That is the question. However, seniors and freshmen at UVU answer this question very differently.


After taking a poll in the halls and food courts a general consensus rang out from the students. According to popular opinion, the incoming freshmen at UVU, appear to “dress up” for classes more frequently than their senior classmates. These young, new students that have just entered the world of college life may have more of a reason to get dolled up than their older peers.


“Freshmen don’t know what’s going on because they are new to college,” said Bryce Jolley, a junior studying engineering. “Most of them are looking for a new girlfriend or boyfriend so they want to look their best. By the time you are a senior, you don’t care anymore. Your main focus is homework and graduating, so you show up in sweats.”


Other students expressed opinions that freshmen feel pressure being new, so they want to “dress to impress because their entire life up to this point depend on perception.” In high school, there is more of a need to fit in. Most people are trying to gain their self-confidence at that point, so perhaps these young freshmen carry over some of these concepts into their first year of college.


However, a few students disagreed with the popular opinion. One student offered the alternative view by saying, “Seniors have to dress up more because many of us have to be ready to go to the job market; I have to be more professional so that is my wardrobe now,” she said. “I have to leave right after classes to go to work or interviews. I think it is immature to dress down.”


But most students felt that seniors were too tired or busy to bother with hours of curling hair and that simple jeans and a ponytail would suffice. “A lot of the reasons people get dressed up and spend time getting ready are to get a date,” one student said as an explanation. “But by the time you are a senior, you are already married or you just have more important things to worry about.”


Whatever the case, students seemed to almost unanimously agree that the majority of freshmen, make up 46 percent of UVU students, feel more of a need to come to school in a classier outfit than pajamas, whereas seniors may not quite feel that need.


By Faith Heaton

Photos by Gilbert Cisneros

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