Ryan Muirhead: Passion for photography

January 16, 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes For Ryan Muirhead his trip into the world of photography started with a friend asking a simple phrase during lunch, “Hey, take a cool picture of me.”   That simple request from a friend looking for a good photo, launched Muirhead into a love affair of the art of photography.   “Days later I bought […]

Two-time teammates

December 5, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most people playing a team sport will say their teammates are their best friends. After eight years of playing together, it’s no longer a cliché.   Kaycee Mansfield and Cydne Mason are two juniors starting for the UVU women’s basketball team. They started playing together in seventh grade in American Fork and have continued through […]

Homecoming tailgate party

November 19, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a lot of tradition that comes from tailgates. They are associated with barbecuing, football and   sometimes even tailgates, none of which were involved at UVU’s homecoming tailgate.   As part of UVU’s homecoming celebration there was a tailgate at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 19, before the men’s homecoming game. This was put on […]

Homecoming Events: Part II

November 14, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes The UVU Student Association will host a series of events that will try to help out students by giving them free things, showing a movie to get them excited about the snow season, an event to show off the dancing talent of students at UVU and a chance for any parents involved at UVU to […]

The creation of a video game, from a story to concept art

October 31, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes The video game industry is worth $10.5 billion annually. A class at UVU is trying to help students get in on some of that money.   The class is Art 426R or Concept Design I. It was designed by Don Seegmiller and Kevin Scholz, who teaches the class.   The idea behind the class is […]

Overpopulation Affects UVU

October 17, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes 3,000 Accepted UVU Students Don’t Attend Due to Growth Continual growth has led to an undeniable fact: UVU is now number one. With the release of new enrollment statistics for schools in the Utah System of Higher Education, Utah Valley University has passed the University of Utah as the school with the highest enrollment in […]

New structured enrollment policy

September 12, 2011

Reading Time: < 1 minute The state of Utah needs UVU to grow over the course of the next ten years to accommodate students, but UVU will take steps to ensure that the students that come will be prepared and ready for school.   President Matthew Holland unveiled the school’s new structured enrollment policy. And the plan will lead to […]

Let us never forget

September 12, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes                 It’s been ten years since the greatest tragedy of our time. It was an attack on America. It was an attack on the American way. I remember where I was, waking up seeing the images and videos.   I don’t think I will forget.   I don’t think […]