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Reading Time: 2 minutes With only a month left of the season, the Wolverines finish out the weekend with a one-game loss, one-game win as they took on NJIT and Pacific Union, putting them one step closer to prowl at a GWC Title.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
The time’s ticking away as the men’s basketball team is getting one step closer to the Great West Conference tournament for a shot at a GWC title. With only four games left, two on the road and two at home, the Wolverines are getting ready to buckle down and take on the heat.

After a hot and cold weekend, losing to one team and winning against the other, Utah Valley is starting to get anxious for what’s coming up next.

It was a close call for the Wolverines as they took their weekend journey back east to Newark, N.J. to take on NJIT where they fell 63-55 in a GWC game.

by Shane Truskolaski:UVU Athletics1Jason Johnson led the night with an overall 16 points and four rebounds with 14 points and eight rebounds from Zach Jones. The Wolverines shot 34.6 percent in the opening half while NJIT shot a 48.5 percent from the field to finish off the night.

Although Utah Valley didn’t take home a victory, they left with good runs and a no-giving-up attitude.

Bringing the NJIT loss back to the Happy Valley wasn’t in it for the Wolverines this time. It was the complete opposite.

Celebrating Presidents’ day with an untouchable victory, outscoring Pacific Union 73-43, would have kept even George Washington on his toes. Putting UVU at the top with a 31-point run in the second half, even Honest Abe wouldn’t be lying at the push the men took to finish with a big bang.

Winning with a 30-point run left the Pioneers with a long trek back home but moved the Wolverines up on the score board with an overall record of 13-14.

“It was a game that went somewhat anticipated,” said Head Coach Dick Hunsaker. “I would have liked to see a little bit more energy defensively at times and be a little bit more complete in distinguishing plays and shots, but essentially the game played as planned.”

Jones led the game with 18 points and six rebounds while Nick Thompson added 17 points and 16 rebounds. The Wolverines shot a 44.1 percent from the field in the first half and a 48.3 percent in the second half.

With great contribution from players, not really expecting anything different than a win, Utah Valley was feeling confident about the turnout.

“It was who I was playing,” Hunsaker said. “We had little to prepare for this game.”

Pacific Union came to fill in the eighth spot of the nine non-GWC games, prepping the Utah Valley with more stamina and confidence as they enter the remaining month of the season.

With only four games left of the season before they hit the road in hopes to grab ahold of a GWC Title, the Wolverines will head to Houston, Texas and North Dakota to take on their last road games.

“We tried to absorb the defeat at NJIT and get ourselves in possession and a state of mind to play Houston Baptist on Saturday,” Hunsaker said.

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