Stress management and self­-care discussed at Preventative Outreach Program presentations

What: Mini Pop Presentation on time management When: 12:00 February 20th Where: Student Life and Wellness Center

The Mental Health department has rolled out its new Preventative Outreach Program, which covers a wide range of topics for students to benefit from.

A presentation about stress management took place Feb. 22 in the Fulton Library and a self-care presentation was held on Feb. 8 in the Classroom Building. The program is designed to improve the mental health and wellness of students and the community.

William Todd, a staff psychologist who hosted the stress management presentation, explained that stress is not always a bad thing and that it can actually help one perform better, if stress is at an optimum level.

“I’m of the opinion that stress is unavoidable,” Todd said. “We can’t always change the things that stress us out, but we can always change ourselves and if we can always find a way to adapt to what’s going on, we’re going to experience a lot less stress.”

Todd suggested that students use different techniques to help with stress. Self-care, which involves adequate amounts of sleep, a healthy diet and exercise, was one of the tips. He also suggested to be flexible to changes, to take time each day to reflect on the positive, to be grateful and to take deep, diaphragmatic breaths in times of stress.

Edward Martinelli, the interim director of Mental Health Services who hosted the self-care presentation, focused on helping students who are entering the professional work world.

“I feel like it was directed toward professionals because professionals should seek therapy as well,” said Katherine Linn, a behavior science student who attended the presentation. “It was a good reminder that we need to take care of ourselves… I feel like I learned the importance of seeking help.”

Kaitlyn Arnold, a family studies major, said this presentation helped her realize that there are resources on campus in case she needs them.

“I think that self-care is very important, especially as a student [who is] working and doing internships and everything,” said Arnold. “You have to take care of yourself or you’re going to crash.”

Preventative Outreach Program presentations will continue to be provided to students.

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