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Jan. 22 marked the first session of the New York Times Global Review at UVU. The international center is sponsoring a weekly discussion group that will review events covered in The New York Times throughout the week.

Danny Damron, the director of the International Center, has collaborated with a local Times representative to bring this idea to UVU. All students, faculty and staff are invited to pick up a free copy of the Times and participate in lively discussion every Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in WB 147.

When asked the goal of this activity Damron said, “To gain a greater exposure and understanding of issues and how they impact us and to acquire the ability to argue and debate constructively.”

The ground rules were set at the beginning of the meeting so participants can be assured of a respectful environment. Those being that the issues are to be the key focus and any opinions are welcome. A different faculty member every week will act as mediator to keep discussion going. They ask that you come with newspaper in hand using the Times as a springboard for discussion.

“There is very little opportunity for students to experience a model of analytical disagreement,” said Damron.

The opportunity to experience such a model is now available to those who wish to take advantage. This will continue throughout the semester and come to a close on April 16.

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