Travel to Mexico

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Twenty students will be going to CITY, Mexico this Spring sponsored by the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center.

Mike Moon, program director, said that this trip is meant to enhance attendees’ learning by practical experience as well as teach them how serve in the community, no matter where they live. Students will be traveling through Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions, a nonprofit organization.

Students from all fields are encouraged to apply. Each student will be working on a project related to his or her field. Some will be pouring cement, while some may be teaching in schools. Students will have a free day from working where they can buy souvenirs and go on waterfall hikes.

Family to Family Humanitarian Expeditions makes sure that the projects they organize are meaningful and engaged. They take care of the legalities in the countries where the students are serving.

The students will be accompanied by advisors Moon and Kim Reynolds from the outdoor and adventure department. They have managed to negotiate a great package deal and have received a grant from the Center of Engaged Learning to subsidize the cost which is currently $950 per student.

For more information contact Mike Moon at 801-863-6030 or [email protected]

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