Prepare for math: Sometimes high school math classes just don’t cut it

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If you stroll around campus enough you may hear the word Ology uttered in casual group conversation. While the talk seems to be catching on, the meaning of the title still carries an air of mystery.

The term refers to an academic program dedicated to helping Utah college students who struggle with prerequisite math at the collegiate level. Ology is a company not officially affiliated with UVU, that helps students prepare to test out of a math class. Brought into place years ago, the system was designed as a way for students to learn in an intense environment with the opportunity to earn credit for general math courses.

Though the program’s credit transfer has changed slightly over time, it still proves helpful for those who need extra assistance with lower level mathematics.

While many students seem to fare well in Utah college math courses, there are groups of students who struggle due to subject material or a period of absence between required courses.

“Sometimes high school graduates come unprepared for the next step,” said Jared Zemp, operations officer of the Ology program. “There is a real overlap and colleges are asked to pick up the slack without sufficient money or resources.”

In some cases math generals prove extremely difficult for students, especially when there has been minimal exposure to the subject over a period of years. Lance Anderson, regional manager of Ology, suggests that it’s a great way for people to learn in a small class setting where they can have constant interaction with an instructor.

“Our number one goal is to help people get math out of the way so they can continue on with their education,” said Anderson. “We help give hard-working students the tools they need to succeed with their math.”

The current program allows students to study with Ology and surpass all prerequisite courses up to the final class needed for their major. Even more intriguing is the money-back guarantee.

“I had always struggled with math, but they promised they would return all my money if I didn’t pass,” said UVU student Loren Cook. “Ology is the math solution for people who aren’t math people.”

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