BLOG: Joe the Plumber, come to plumb

So apparently Joe the Plumber is coming to UVU.  There’s been some initial backlash to the news, but I kinda don’t get why everyone’s so upset.  Think back a ways.  When we became a university, much was made of the fact that we were “not losing our roots as a trade school”. And our school is finally backing that claim up by inviting the world’s second most famous plumber to speak to our plumbing students on the topic of plumbing.

Joein the party line at a rally
Joe the Plumber at an Ohio rally, 2008

I assume that’s what he’s speaking on, plumbing. He could talk about Obama and Israel, but that hasn’t gone well in the past. He could talk about throwing McCain under the bus, I guess, or his ghost written memoirs facilitating his need for a publicist .  That’s all fair game, but why let that get in the way of what matters?  Let’s not pigeon-hole the man; wildly erratic views on politics aren’t all he has.  He continues to have the plumbing.

By the way, if you’re curious what the world’s first most famous plumber has been up to, you can check it here.

9 thoughts on “BLOG: Joe the Plumber, come to plumb

  1. We invited Michael Moore too, I didn’t attend that one either. I hope we’re at least spending less to bring Joe the Plumber

  2. Yep, that’s the same set of questions that I asked when Michael Moore came too… Looks like UVU is batting 1000.

  3. To compare Joe The Plumber with Michael Moore is absurd. Michael Moore has actually achieved something, agree with it or not. Joe’s just a plumber who got a microphone pushed in his face at the right time. And he’s not even a real plumber. It angers me that UVU would shine a light on such an untalented, unwarranted, and, in the end, empty political symbol. If we must rally the already convinced droves, at least let us listen to a man who has something interesting to say. Shame on whoever paid this man one cent to speak at my school.

  4. Something tells me kevin would be okay with bringing over the journalist that threw his shoe at President Bush…lets try and be a little more, shall we say, ‘fair and balanced’ 🙂

  5. Achieved something? So the opinion of a movie maker who plays to the biases of one side of the political spectrum is suddenly more valuable than a “nobody who got a microphone pushed in his face at the right time” because he made a large amount of money in the process?

    What has he actually achieved besides swindling UVU and several other colleges and universities out of $20,000 for the opportunity to listen to him?

    I want to be on the record as opposing both of these partisan speakers. And for the record, I would equally oppose hiring Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

    Maybe if the speaker were a local politician, I would concede the relevance due to a geographic interest, but no, I don’t want to hear from Nationally renowned windbags just because someone was able to book them.

  6. Hey dicktard, I mean kevin, it’s not your school, you just pay to use it. You get what you pay for. Get over it. Nathan, you’re boring. It was a shit choice for a speaker. Just say it, be done and move on with your life.

  7. This goes back to the recent article about our schools image. Whoever had the brilliant idea of having Joe speak is mentally deluded. Though I sense a bit of Colbertism in Robs words.

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