Gambling with cowboys

Ever wanted to test your guts and luck and possibly win big, but have been too scared to use actual hard-earned money?
Now is your chance.

Kind of.

UVUSA is sponsoring a Cowboy Casino Night on Nov. 4 from 8:30 p.m. to midnight at the Commons (outside the Grande Ballroom) to aid aspiring gamblers. Games will include blackjack, craps and roulette. Odds are that countless students have never participated in these games, so it would be an excellent chance to learn these classic contests of chance.

Needless to say, faux money rather than actual money will be exchanged at the event. Despite that, there will be prizes awarded to the first, second and third place winners according to who has most winnings at the conclusion of the night. Along those lines, tickets will be given at admittance and prizes will also be awarded to those lucky few.

And since admission is free of charge, it’s a no-lose situation.

The idea sparked about three or four years ago when there was a similar campus event that didn’t go as planned. UVUSA decided to revamp and freshen up the concept in order to bring students together to share in this enjoyment.

As for the theme, UVUSA noticed that since attendees to such events usually like to dress up anyway, they might as well have an amusing theme to go with it. Western-based costumes aren’t required, but are encouraged.

Some may question whether this experience may promote the practice of gambling in a state where such activity is illegal.

“Students like to play card games already, so we don’t have to push it on them,” said Joe Jurisic of UVUSA.

“Even if kids wanted to gamble, they’d go out of state for it, not here in Utah,” said student Katie Sparrow. Regardless of potential influence on the students, it promotes a healthy atmosphere for thrills.

Cowboy Casino Night seems to guarantee an evening of excitement, adventure and a heavy chance you’ll walk out with more than what you came in with.

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