What does it take to be a true wolverine?

On Oct. 7, hundreds of students gathered under the stars to earn the title of “true wolverine.” Though the night was cold, things quickly heated up.

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, a “true wolverine” is someone who kisses another at the top of the courtyard’s fountain at midnight on a specific date. Rather than having it be something that couples do alone, UVUSA officers decided to make an event of it.

A DJ played popular love songs while hot chocolate and Kiss Stix lip balm were distributed. Some came with a partner while others awkwardly scrambled to find someone to help turn them into a “true wolverine.”

As the clock struck midnight, students began taking their turn at the top of the fountain. Each couple had 10 seconds; some took more, some less. Several found multiple people to kiss throughout the evening, becoming true wolverines a number of times.

An event like this has occurred at nearby schools for years, but is new to UVU. Sarah Standing, a student body vice president, said that she was excited for the event while noticing the excellent turnout.

Others weren’t so enthusiastic.

Trevor Wilson, a junior, said, “I feel like this is encouraging women to be floosies. Events like this might challenge people’s standards.”

Regardless of personal beliefs, it looks like UVU has a new tradition that is here to stay.

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  1. This is actually not new to UVU…. When I was on ASUVSC back in 2000 we started this tradition only we met in the “tunel of love” we had a HUGE bon fire and it was a big hit… I’m proud to say that I was the first True Wolverine! Glad to see it’s back!

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