Students identify themselves through art: Senior exhibit allows students to prepare for working in the real world

"Form 3" by Jeselyn Peery.

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"Form 3" by Jeselyn Peery.
"Form 3" by Jeselyn Peery.

Accounting, resumés, corporate settings, brokers and packaging. Those are hardly words to be expected in an art class. But in the senior seminar art class, those are all topics being discussed as the class prepares for its exhibition and the real world of artists.

The class has spent the semester learning how to prepare an exhibition from start to finish. In addition, students are required to create a personal package to promote their work, each one being unique to the student’s goals and style. To help the students through those processes, the class has worked with businesses, galleries and professional artists.

“It’s just helped us so we know how to [present to] professional galleries, how to run publicity for ourselves,” explained Kristi T.

Concerning the actual exhibition, Kelsie Monsen explained, “The theme is ‘Identify yourself’  – who we are as an artist, as well as introducing the art department to students and people in the community.”

There are high hopes about the impact the show will have.

“There are just a lot of students in here who have excelled in their personal work,” said Alex Bigney, who is the instructor of the course. He is particularly excited about the variety of work included. Mediums that traditionally don’t receive much gallery space, such as interior and graphic design, are presented as fine arts.

Carrie Cecil, who is finishing up a BS in AVC, is showcasing interior design, for which she plans on going to graduate school.

“My artwork is just decorative … all about color, flowers, pretty things to look at,” she explained. “It’s like shopping at – what do I want to decorate my house with?”

Another unique aspect of the exhibition is education and the processes of creating art.

“I’m gonna show a piece from my future BFA senior show… called ‘Experimentation.’ It will be montage showing aspects of people’s lives [and consists of] twelve different people who inspire me,” explained Luke Harris. In this show, he is presenting a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci.

Along with the final painting, Harris is exhibiting progression studies, including one of the MONA LISA. Other artists will also include progressions in their displays.

“Any art show is good for society,” said Jeselyn Peery, who is working on a BFA in photography. Any art or creative work is a record of the world in which we live and in turn is good for our communities and society. To be enriched by the campus’s creative minds, visit the fifth floor of the library through Dec. 18.


What: “Identify yourself,” senior art exhibition
When: Now through Dec. 18
Where: Fifth floor of the UVU library
Cost: Free

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