Genre bending sensation

Imagine combining passionate musicians, a large audience and the energy of a live concert. Visualize the music racing through the floor and bursting out through the crowd, and your own lips.

This is a guaranteed experience for those attending concerts put on by the local band j.wride. Yet, not all groups can promise such a rush with their live performances.

“This is a band that sounds just as good live, if not better,” said Paul Shin, a manager of j.wride. “Their fan base has grown quickly, one of the fastest I’ve ever seen.”

What is it that has made j.wride’s popularity grow so quickly?

“Part of the success of the band is how well they work together,” Shin said.

Not only does j.wride offer great music, but they have also used their talents to help members in their community. They were recently involved in a benefit concert for Elizabeth Lupe, a six year old girl in need of a bone marrow transplant, and will be involved in another benefit concert for her in January.

J.wride is composed of three long time friends, Jesse Wride, Austin Anderson, and Rick Rea. All three have known each other since high school jazz band.

“We have the right group of musicians, playing the right type of music, with the right chemistry,” said Wride, who does the lead vocals as well as piano in the band.

Wride’s first instruments were woodwinds, until four years ago when he taught himself to play piano, which Wride feels has directly affected his musical writing and playing style. Wride is responsible for writing all the songs the group plays.

“I came from a background of a billion different genres. What sets me apart from other songwriters is that I taught myself piano, and I don’t have too many boundaries or limits. I can draw from different types of music and experiences,” Wride said.

Anderson has been drumming for nine years, and has been playing with Wride for about six of those years and Rea has played bass for nine years as well.

“In high school we talked about collaborating in the future and now it’s happening,” said Rea.

Another contributor to their success is their unique musical style. It’s not simply jazz, not just hip-hop or rock. It’s a combination of the three and many more.

“We are genre-bending,” said Shin.

This band appeals to many different types of people because of their wide ranged style. They are a refreshing deviation from the generic, single genre bands that can only appeal to a limited group of people.

“What’s cool about our music is that we have found a style of music that we have passion for, it has a main stream sound, but it’s very unique at the same time, one song doesn’t sound exactly like the other. And people come to shows because there’s always something different,” Rea said. “If people aren’t into the local band scene they will be converted to it, because of j.wride.”

See if you’ll be converted by checking out their next event on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Muse Music in Provo, priced at $5.

Their album, Work of Art, can be purchased at their upcoming event or at Graywhale Entertainment at the University Mall in Orem.

For additional exposure to their music check out their MySpace page at or become a fan on Facebook at and keep up to date on all their music and events.

“For people that have never heard us, listen to us.  You’ll never know if you’ll like us unless you listen through our songs, and decide for yourself if you’ll become a fan of j.wride.  There’s every genre, so everyone can find something they will like,” Anderson said.

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