Multicultural luau

Students do a traditional Polynesian dance during the Multicultural Luau.

Students do a traditional Polynesian dance during the Multicultural Luau.


UVU had the chance to let loose and experience a true Polynesian luau right in the courtyard last Friday evening.The night started out with a hearty traditional Polynesian luau dinner and included lots of mingling of students and families in the community, laughter, music and friends.


The event was put on by the Multicultural Center.


As the mingling died down, everyone began to gather on the grassy steps in the courtyard for the awaited show of hula and fire dancers.


The mood of the evening was laid back and rejuvenating with what felt like any sense of time or daily matters no longer existed.


As audience members made themselves comfortable and ready to be entertained, the show’s host, Lani, welcomed the crowd with her warm, soothing voice and musical accompaniment on the guitar with the hope that they could all “let loose” and “just relax,” which they certainly did.


Polynesia consists of all the Pacific Islands and part of the show was to get a taste of the individuality of each of them from Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Fiji to Hawaii.


There were dances performed by UVU’s Polynesian Dance Club of all the traditional dances from each country, and each dancer was dressed in traditional clothing. The dances ranged from the soft hula swaying, the fearsome haka, fast Tahitian hips, to the amazing fire dancer who stunned the audience with his incredible and risky tricks.


Two young dancers from the community, ages 6 and 8, who had just won at nationals in Las Vegas at a Polynesian Competition a week prior also performed.


Volunteers from the crowd got to go up on stage and learn some moves a few different times during the show, which drew lots laughter.


Overall, the show was a warm and enchanting evening filled with the spirit of Polynesia that left anyone who attended with a smile on their face.

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