A Celebration of women

March 24, 2014

Reading Time: 5 minutes Photo credit: Melissa Henrie On March 8 the world celebrated International Women’s Day—a day for celebrating mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, family and women in general. In honor of the holiday, UVU’s Women’s Success Center held an official Women’s Day conference on Friday, March 7, inviting all women that roam the halls of UVU […]

Unbox love

February 22, 2014

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you looking to rekindle that fire that you and your lover once had? Have you succumbed to watching season after season of Breaking Bad or The Office on Netflix late at night instead of engaging in a fun date or activity together? Former UVU student and alumnus, Nate Bagley, who is a proud graduate […]

Downtown Provo gets strung out with Spencer Rainer and his nyckelharpa

November 21, 2013

Reading Time: 2 minutes As downtown Provo is becoming a culturally evolving place—often attracting artists, romantics and hipsters—there is a unique musician who is livening up the street every Friday night playing an instrument that many of us have never seen before. It’s called a Nyckelharpa; a Scandinavian instrument that originated in Sweden around 1350.  How does an Orem, […]

Westward the Tide highlights at Velour

October 29, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes This past Wednesday night you would have seen University Avenue’s sidewalk filling up with people young and old—musicians, friends, fans and the people who just love to hear what talent might be emerging from inside the local favorite music venue, Velour. The anticipation for a show at Velour is always great as you wait in […]

UVU’s first hip-hop dance company

September 22, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes Walking down the hall in the PE building, you pass that dance room that everyone has at least paused to stare at–if not for just a few extra seconds–to see who might be practicing in there, from ballerinas to ballroom dancers. Whether you are a dancer or not, we all love to see dancers right? […]

Multicultural luau

September 20, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes   UVU had the chance to let loose and experience a true Polynesian luau right in the courtyard last Friday evening.The night started out with a hearty traditional Polynesian luau dinner and included lots of mingling of students and families in the community, laughter, music and friends.   The event was put on by the […]

Woodbury Art Museum ‘Art of the Century’

July 18, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes Walking through the doors of the Woodbury Art Museum, artwork can be seen from the latest show, “Art of the Century.” Located at the University Mall in Orem, the show includes artists from all over the western United States with about half from Utah, many of whom came to the show. It also serves as […]

Word on the Street: Why are you taking summer classes?

June 16, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brianne Browne Hometown: Lindon, Utah Year: Sophomore Major: Marketing “I’m finishing up my associates here at UVU then transferring to BYU because they have my major, Communication/Marketing with Advertising Emphasis. I am taking summer classes because I need to finish my pre-requisites before September so I can apply for the communication program at BYU. I […]

It’s time for Africa

March 7, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes Combining the Miss Africa Utah Pageant with an African Culture Night was close to hitching a plane ride and ending up immersed into the heart of Africa. Put on by the African Club, the night was designed to bring students together to share their culture. From African food to traditional African dance, this night was […]

Outdoor adventures

March 7, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes If anyone has rock climbing, river rafting or moonlight hikes on their bucket list, the Outdoor Adventure Center is the place to be. Located in the Student Center across from Campus Connection, flyers and signs advertising their next big trip or weekly activity are a common sight. Alex Lott, a member of the OAC says, […]