Aviation adjunct instructor posts anti-Muslim comments on Canvas

An aviation adjunct instructor at Utah Valley University posted anti-muslim remarks in a Canvas discussion to students, writing that 9/11 is the reason he is “‘very’”opposed to allowing Muslims to immigrate to the USA!” and that “they hate us and always will.”

Captain Jim Green shared these views on Sept. 11 while discussing his personal experience of living in Manhattan during the 9/11 attacks.

Derrek Studebaker, an aviation student, said that he found Green’s message “disturbing” because of its potential impact on students.

“This behavior by the instructor sets a precedent for students to behave in the same hateful way. It also creates an unsafe learning environment for those who the instructor has targeted in this statement,” he said.

Studebaker immediately contacted Randy Johnson, chair of the School of Aviation Sciences, via email and complained about Green’s comments. He included a screenshot of the post while voicing his concerns about the effects the professor’s comments would have on students.

Johnson responded to Studebaker’s complaint saying that he appreciated his remarks and wanted him to know “we take them seriously.”

Studebaker called Green’s comments about Muslims “problematic” because “he equates terrorists with all Muslims in this statement.”

“I am very concerned about [Green’s] statement,” wrote the dean of the College of Health and Public Service, Dave McEntire, in an email to Studebaker. “Once we became aware of the statement, we took it down from Canvas.”

Green was not immediately available for comment.

This is not the first time that Green has made headlines for comments such as these. He sent a letter to the editor to both the Wasatch Wave and the Park Record that condemned Utah’s equal pay bill.

Green’s letter said that “[men] need to make enough to support their families and allow the Mother to remain in the home to raise and nurture the children.” He also said that increasing pay for women would equal less money for men.

The public backlash against his statements on equal pay was swift, and it caused Green to resign from his position as the Wasatch GOP’s vice chair.

University spokesperson Scott Trotter confirmed that Green’s statement was taken down.

“We referred the matter to our Equal Opportunity/Title IX Office for appropriate action in accordance with UVU Policy 165 Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action and UVU Policy 161 Freedom of Speech,” Trotter said.

He said that one of UVU’s core themes is inclusivity and that the university appreciates “the richness that comes from diversity.”

“We remain committed to our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies,” Trotter said.

Green’s Rate My Professor page shows another side as he has a 5.0 quality rating based off 15 reviews left by students; none of the students’ ratings dropped below 4.5.

Some of the comments made by anonymous students on the site include: “He also teaches and counsels on things helpful in the real world. One of the best professors I have had!” and “Captain Green is by far my FAVORITE aviation instructor. He is personable, kind, understanding and gives great feedback.”

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