Aviation instructor who posted anti-Muslim remarks resigns

September 13, 2018

Reading Time: 1 minute UVU has confirmed that Captain Jim Green, the professor who posted anti-Muslim sentiments on Canvas, has resigned from his position. “Captain Green voluntarily resigned as an adjunct instructor in UVU’s School of Aviation Sciences last night,” UVU said. Green’s resigned the night of Sept. 12 after his statements were made public. Theo R. Okawa, program […]

Aviation adjunct instructor posts anti-Muslim comments on Canvas

September 12, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes An aviation adjunct instructor at Utah Valley University posted anti-muslim remarks in a Canvas discussion to students, writing that 9/11 is the reason he is “‘very’”opposed to allowing Muslims to immigrate to the USA!” and that “they hate us and always will.” Captain Jim Green shared these views on Sept. 11 while discussing his personal […]