Love in the small things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. Here’s a few ideas you can try this Valentine’s season to show your loved one that you care.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, yet romance is on many minds. However, love should not always be associated with grandiose dates and public displays. Sometimes, the smallest gestures mean the most. Here are some small ideas on how you can show your loved one that you care.

Show care with words

The pen is mightier than the sword, and the spoken word is more powerful than both. Special phrases like “I love you” may hold a lot of meaning, but there are other ways to show you care. Check-in on their day. Ask them how they did at work or in class. Wish them luck. All these efforts show genuine interest in the lives of those you love.

Leave a handwritten note

Despite the clichéd nature of notes, they can be powerful tools to help express appreciation for someone. “I like to write poems,” said Luke Miller, a UVU freshman majoring in psychology, when asked how he shows love in small ways. What would a birthday be without a card? Or Christmas without the family photos (still) hanging on the fridge? Regardless, a simple note can go a long way when trying to show love to someone you care about.

Don’t ask

Most people don’t like to ask for help. According to Chris Melore of Study Finds, “A new survey asked 2,000 Americans at what point they ask for help when starting something new and how they rely on their support system in life – and found 73 percent don’t ask for help before they absolutely need it.” With this in mind, here’s a tip: don’t ask if a loved one wants help. Instead, do something you know they would appreciate. Go out of your way to make dinner, fill a need or accomplish something on their to-do list. Actions speak louder than words, so showing that you are need-conscious can go a long way. 

Make time

The world is a busy place, and it can be hard to find extra time. However, making time to spend with a loved one can be a poignant reminder to them about where your priorities lie. Harrison Kaylor, a UVU sophomore studying communications, shared,“When I help other people, I feel like I’m helping them realize they’re important.” Make it a goal to be there for your loved one more than ever this Valentine’s season. Doing so will certainly help them feel loved and valued.

Give hugs

Hugs seem simple, but they have a myriad of benefits! In fact, a good hug does more than help one feel happy; authors from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, explained that hugs can improve sleep, increase well-being and pleasure, and help fight infection. 

Share things close to your heart

When you share the intimate details of your life with another person, it may be because you are comfortable with them, trust them and want to get closer to them. Try sharing your goals, worries and fears with your loved one. Tell them what is going well or poorly in your life, and honestly tell them how you feel. Talk about your relationship and about the things you are grateful for. Sharing things close to your heart will show loved ones that you value your relationship and want them involved in your life.

Trying some of these ideas can help show genuine love for the special people in your life. Although Valentine’s day has already passed, don’t forget the little acts of kindness and love: they may have the biggest impacts on your relationship moving forward.

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