UVU Drumline Concludes Season

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The UVU drumline, also known as the UVU Green Man Group, performed their last show of the season at the Hope of America Student Showcase event located at the Marriott Center in Provo May 4 and 5.

The Green Man Group 2015-16 season included shows for the Utah Jazz, various companies, UVU sporting games and events, and elementary schools, making for quite the busy year. However, the Hope of America showcase was especially important for the drumline because it was the last show of their season.
The UVU drumline has performed at this event for the past five years. This year, they played four times throughout two nights. Over the course of the two nights, they did a set of their signature songs including spider and hip-hop.

“It’s one of our most important gigs and one of our most entertaining,” said Aaron Hurt, a third-year member of the UVU Green Man Group. “It’s the conclusion of the drumline season … we get to go out and influence thousands of kids.”

Along with the drumline, dressed in their iconic green man suits, over 7,600 5th grade students from 89 Utah elementary schools traveled to the Marriott Center to celebrate America’s freedom through various routines. This event is the first of many public celebratory events put on throughout the year by America’s Freedom Festival, a private, non-profit organization.

As for the coming 2016-17 season, the drumline sets its sights high as the coaches recently announced the new drum line-up. Along with preforming at UVU sporting events, Utah Jazz basketball games and company parties, the UVU Green Man Group hopes to drum at the Hope of America event in May 2017, making for their sixth consecutive showcase participation.

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