Sisterhood thrives in UVU’s only sorority

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Focusing on sisterhood and philanthropy, Alpha Sigma Alpha, UVU’s only sorority, is here to break stereotypes and help those in their community.


For most students at UVU, the only knowledge they have about sororities is based upon stereotypes perpetuated by movies like “Legally Blonde” or “House Bunny.” Most may not even know that UVU is home to a sorority. But the sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha have every intention of breaking stereotypes through sisterhood and philanthropic efforts.


The Theta Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was chartered on Oct. 29, 2011, making them the only official sorority on campus. Along with the men of Kappa Sigma, they make up the entirety of the Greek community here on campus. During recruitment two weeks ago, the chapter gained five new members, bringing the total to 26 sisters.


Being the first sorority at UVU, the sisterhood feels the pressure of setting precedence on campus.


“As the first and only sorority on campus, one of our main goals as Alpha Sigma Alpha women is to set a standard for what it means to be a Greek organization,” said Briauna Mason, the current president of the chapter. “We want to show UVU and the community we are more than just a group of girls who like to hang out together. Rather, we are women who are striving to better ourselves and our community by joining together as a sisterhood.”


One of the ways Alpha Sigma Alpha plans on bettering the community is through their charity work.


“One philanthropic event we have coming up soon is our annual ‘Top Pastry Chef’ where we enlist chefs from all over the Culinary Arts program, local chefs, students, make their best pastries which we then will sell on campus,” Mason said. “The proceeds [will go] to the Christmas Box House and/or a local charity in need.”


Alpha Sigma Alpha also devotes itself to helping with the Special Olympics program.


To strengthen the small yet sturdy Greek community, Alpha Sigma Alpha teams up with Kappa Sigma for events and parties. Later this spring, the two Greek organizations will be holding a Toga Party.


“We dress in typical Greek attire, i.e. togas, and play traditional or Greek inspired games while getting to know each other better,” Mason said.


For those women who are interesting in learning more about Alpha Sigma Alpha, they can attend any open event held by Alpha Sigma Alpha or visit their page on


By Kelly Cannon
Life Editor

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