Royal Heroes of UVU: Children’s champions

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Established last fall in 2018, Royal Heroes of UVU is an organization that makes visits to children at local hospitals or community events as princesses and heroes, they also host fundraisers and events for pediatric cancer research.

Members of Royal Heroes club don’t just dress up for Halloween .“We make a difference in kids’ lives. We kind of bring them a little bit of sunshine in the hospitals or wherever we go. We actually bring a lot of smiles wherever we go.” said Breanna Russel, the Vice President of the Royal Heroes of UVU and a junior majoring in Communications. 

Russell describes how playing a part of Royal Heroes of UVU has impacted her personally, “It’s really gotten me out more into service and the community. It’s raised awareness for me about kids that are suffering in the neighborhood and the world. Whenever I put on the costume, I feel really confident; I’m like ‘yeah, I’m Elsa.’” 

 Photo taken last year at Royal Heroes of UVU’s first hospital visit. Photo by Royal Heroes.

The next even for the Royal Heroes will be a Trivia Night on November 7 at 6:30 pm MST. “We’re going to be having superhero and fantasy or like princess trivia. There will be different teams, and you can win awesome prizes, and a performance by Voiceline, which is the acapella group here at UVU.” said Sarah Hatch, President of the Royal Heroes club and a sophomore majoring in Theater and Web Design at UVU.

“We’re very proud and very happy to be doing this cause. We actually won Club of the year last year. We’re so excited to keep on going and doing our best.” said Hatch.

Students interested in joining or being a character can learn about upcoming events by following Royal Heroes of UVU through their Facebook page by the same name, or Instagram page at @royalheroesuvu.