Humans of UVU: Week 3

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Week 3 of Humans of UVU focuses on a sophomore named Makena Saluone. Saluone is majoring in Civil Engineering at UVU and shared an interesting story regarding her and her aunt.

“We were in San Diego for Comic-Con and decided to wait at the bottom floor of our hotel to see if we could find anyone famous. While we were waiting, we got bored, so we played this game where we would raise our hands straight above our heads to see if anyone who came into the hotel would follow along. Some people gave us funny looks, but there were actually a lot of people who did it with us. We even got some celebrities to do it too! It was really funny!”– UVU Sophomore Makena Saluone

Saluone is biracial and takes pride in her Samoan heritage. She loves spending time with her cousins, and her favorite holiday is Halloween, which is right around the corner.