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Eating healthy and exercising regularly is a source of relief, fun and accomplishment for some while it can be a dreaded task for others. Either way, it takes time and effort to stay healthy, especially as a student. College students have many responsibilities, such as working full-time, studying for classes, homework and trying to maintain a social life. So how do college students, specifically UVU students, maintain a healthy life-style while still keeping up with their studies and the stresses of everyday life?

There is not one method that works for everyone. Each student is different so every exercise routine and eating habit is going to be different as well. Students give their advice on how they do it. According to various students on campus, the trick is finding a routine that works best with your lifestyle and sticking with it.

Julie Lewis, a freshman at UVU, has had to adjust her lifestyle since she has graduated high school and started taking classes at UVU. Lewis’ daily routine has changed now that she lives on her own, and has taken on a heavier school schedule than what she was used to in high school. Due to this change, Lewis has been forced to make time in her busy daily schedule for exercise.

“In high school, it was easy to work out because I was on the track and volleyball team. But now that I graduated and don’t play school sports anymore, I have to make time every day for exercise.” Lewis said.

According to Lewis, it has  been a big adjustment, but she is starting to get the hang of things.

“I have to wake up earlier than I usually do, or miss out on a few social events to get my exercise in, but it’s worth it.” Lewis said.

Other students have developed little tricks to do throughout the day to keep their bodies fit. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in a parking lot far from the classrooms and packing a healthy lunch instead of eating fast food, can all help students stay fit. Avoiding snacks from the vending machine, is another change that is easy to incorporate into the busy life of a UVU student.

Heather Hanson, a senior at UVU, considers herself a “pro” at incorporating exercise into her day. Hanson said  she struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout her first two years of college because she was not used to the amount of homework and hours she began to do.

“My schedule got so crazy so I don’t really have time to go to the gym. Instead, I make sure I eat healthy food and I always take the stairs instead of the elevators. Sometimes I’ll even do calf raises while I’m talking to my friends in the hall.” Hanson said. “I know it’s weird but it works!”

So whether it’s at the gym or walking up the stairs, UVU students have learned to stay in shape despite busy


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