Enhance studying through music

It’s the beginning of yet another semester bringing you closer to graduation. Unfortunately, there is one stumbling block that many students struggle with. No matter how smart you are, the one thing many of us put off until the absolute last minute is the dreaded act of studying.

Studying can be boring, tedious and downright painful but it is inevitable. Many students end up trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of studying in one night rather than planning ahead to avoid studying altogether. However, students and studying can come together by utilizing the one thing many of us already consume on a daily basis: music!

Music can play an important role in studying by allowing the individual to focus on the material in front of them by blocking out distractions, creating an environment for learning.

We’ve all heard about the wonders of classical music and its magical ability to make you smarter. Sadly, magic isn’t real and neither is the ability of classical music to make one smarter. Yet, classical music and other genres can be compiled in a playlist tailored toward the personality of its listener for the sole purpose of creating a learning environment for studying.

Because every person is unique, a learning environment for one might look drastically different for another. Thankfully music is just as unique, and many genres can match the personality of each listener to create the best learning environment. Below are some different genres that can help your next study session.

Classical can be anything from dramatic, to invigorating down to relaxing. If you enjoy the soothing sound of piano keys or the emotional highs and lows brought on by the woodwind and brass instrument groups, classical is for you.

Next up is white noise. The mysterious sound that puts even the toughest babies to rest happens to double as an awesome study aid. If you’re easily distracted and find yourself enjoying music rather than using it to block out distractions, white noise is the genre for you.

Guitar solos aren’t just for raging against the machine or spicy Latin love songs. Like classical music, guitars are multi-faceted and can be played to rock you to sleep or, in our case, aid in our quest to make studying more productive.

Are you a hip hop fan? If you’d rather vibe out to dope beats and bass that makes your body move while you work through the kinks of your math assignment, Mellow Beats is the genre for you.

If you’re all about setting a mood and putting your mind on a wavelength out of this realm the genres Deep Focus, Ambient Chill and Perfect Concentration will speak to your soul giving you a study session straight from the cosmos.

Lastly, for all the adventurers who love the call of the wild, nature and cricket sounds can take you to the bottom of a waterfall or a vast field with nothing but the night sky above.

From classical all the way to the soothing sound of crickets in a field, there’s bound to be a musical genre to fit your personality. Although music won’t take away the pain of having to study, it’ll make it easier to bear. Create your study playlists, plan out your study sessions and have a great semester.




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