Author: Serre Splond

What’s So Funny Improv Comedy Club takes comedy to new heights

The What’s So Funny improv club hosted a free comedy event at the Fulton Library auditorium March 2. The comedians  brought the house down with punchlines made up on the fly from ideas mentioned by the audience. With the clubs over 10 years of experience, the ability for it’s comedians to roll with the show comes as no surprise. To pump up the excitement of the audience, the host Jason Lyons introduced the night’s improv event with a series of exercises, one being acting out a ride on a roller coaster by taking the crowd through a series a...

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How Black Panther gives everyone a positive race experience

The highly anticipated Marvel’s Black Panther released Feb. 16. Before its release to the public, Black Panther began breaking records with critics by becoming the highest rated Marvel movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes with a 96 percent on the tomatometer. If its ratings weren’t impressive enough, the movie raked in $201.8 million and counting during its three-day opening weekend. Black Panther is the vehicle that ran over the stereotype that movies with a predominantly black cast would flop. This is a stereotype that producers and directors have used for years as an excuse to keep black men,...

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Student Leadership and Success Studies’ SLAM Conference encourages discovering your inner leader

The sixth annual student leadership and mentoring conference hosted by Student Leadership and Success Studies was held Feb. 3. The event was a six-hour long affair from 8 a.m. to an early close around 2 p.m. The event cost around  $10 and included breakfast, lunch and priceless wisdom from students in various stages of their studies. This year, the theme was “every leader has a story” with students Meghan Flinders-Peay, Raechel Cox, Nathan Winterton, Tyson Hillock, and Olivia Atkinsons sharing their stories for the opening keynote. Their speeches recounted difficult moments in their’ lives and showcased how they’ve been...

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The Anime and Manga club implements new ideas to break free of stereotypes

The Anime and Manga Club wants to break free from the stigma of only watching anime.  Under the direction of the new president Michael Houck, the group has decided to grow from its roots of watching anime on DVDs and streaming platforms to more social events to help build relationships between those who share a common love for anime. “I want to make it a social club. I’m happy to provide a safe place for anyone who loves anime,” said Houck.  His desire is  becoming a reality as he and  club vice president Sarah Benson  hosted their first spring...

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Empowering women through the Women’s Success Center

Women at UVU lag behind the national higher education enrollment headcount by 12 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Tara Ivie, senior director for the Women’s Success Center, speculates that women are taking significant breaks from their college experience. She said that the university has a higher enrollment of females than males at UVU between the ages of 18-21, and then that number drops once women reach the age of 22. Ivie said she has had students mention their disinterest in working after college possibly because they plan to spend their time being wives and mothers. She unveiled...

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