Frosted vinyl hiding UVU’s rock wall is removed

November 9, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mount Timpanogos faces directly into the windows of the UVU rock climbing wall located in the Student Life and Wellness Center, but the view has been blocked by vinyl frost covering the windows since the construction about four years ago. While scaling the side of the rock wall, climbers couldn’t take advantage of the view […]

Black Veil Brides release hook-infested album Vale

January 24, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Decked out in varying textures of black clothing, faces masked in heavy makeup, and hair teased up in “glam metal” styles, Black Veil Brides definitely made an entrance when they introduced themselves to the world of music in 2009. The release of their first single, Knives and Pens, created mixed reactions from the public. There […]

Enhance studying through music

January 9, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s the beginning of yet another semester bringing you closer to graduation. Unfortunately, there is one stumbling block that many students struggle with. No matter how smart you are, the one thing many of us put off until the absolute last minute is the dreaded act of studying. Studying can be boring, tedious and downright […]