The Wolverines go 1-3 against Texas State over the weekend

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The Utah Valley University baseball team started their 2022 season 1-3 in a four-game series against Texas State in San Marco, Texas Feb. 18-20. Under new coach Eddie Smith, the Wolverines managed to steal a 5-3 win on Saturday; however, they fell 5-3 on Friday, 14-4 in Saturday’s first game, and 14-2 on Sunday.

Game one was close, but the Bobcats managed to defeat the Wolverines 5-3. The Bobcats started strong with a 3-0 lead in the second inning, so Wolverine senior Bobby Voortmeyer took the mound as relief and kept the Bobcats scoreless until the eighth.

Led by Mitch Moralez and Brody Ponti, the Wolverines rallied in the seventh inning and tied the game. Moralez started the comeback with an RBI single that plated runner Garrett Broussard. Mick Madsen scored the second run for the Wolverines thanks to a sacrifice fly from Copper Hansen. With the bases loaded, Ponti hit a ground ball that brought runner Drew Sims home, bringing the score to 3-3 in the top of the seventh.

 Unable to complete the comeback, the Wolverines went scoreless in the last two innings, while Texas State’s Wesley Faison hit a double in the bottom of the eighth that brought in two runners and won the game for the Bobcats. 

In the first game of Saturday’s doubleheader, the Wolverines fell to the Bobcats 14-4 by run rule after eight innings. Madsen was the first player to score and hit a two-run single in the first that brought in Brousard and Paul Vossen, but the Bobcats hit back in the second and took a 6-2 lead. The Wolverines bounced back in the third with a leadoff double from Ponti, an RBI triple from Vossen, and an RBI groundout from Madsen which brought the score to 6-4. However, the Wolverines went scoreless for the rest of the match, and the Bobcats secured a victory.

The second game of Saturday’s doubleheader was much closer as the Wolverines stole a 5-3 victory from the home team. Kayler Yates started the scoring with his first home run, giving UVU a 1-0 lead in the second, and pitcher Mason Gray allowed the Bobcats just one hit before retiring from the mound in the fifth. Texas State managed to tie the game 1-1 in the sixth when Bobcat Daylen Pena hit a two-out solo home run, but the Wolverine offense took over and scored four runs in the top of the eighth. Drew Sims led the Wolverines offensively by going 2-for-5 with a double and a run scored, and Brandon Luna also had a strong performance and drove in two runs.

In the series finale on Sunday, the Wolverines started strong and tied the game 2-2. Kayler Yates came in from third on a wild pitch, and Hansen hit an RBI that plated Moralez. But the Bobcats proved to be too much for the Wolverines and won the match 14-2 by run rule in the eighth. 

The Wolverines start the season 1-3 and look to bounce back as they return home to Orem, Utah to take on the University of Utah Feb. 12. The game begins at 4:05 p.m. MT and can be streamed on ESPN+. Below are the full results from all four matches.

Game one

Utah Valley 3

LFCutchen, Trey4010021
1BPonti, Brody4011020
RFVossen, Paul4000021
3BBroussard, Garrett4110030
2BMadsen, Mick3100110
CSims, Drew3100010
SSYates, Kayler2000120
CFMoralez, Mitch4011021
DHHansen, Copper2001121
PSmith, Devin0000000
PVoortmeyer, B0000000

Texas State 5

SSShuffield, Dalton4001000
RFWuthrich, John4010011
1BPena, Daylan4000011
LFGonzalez, Jose4110011
DHFaison, Wesley4232000
3BThompson, Justin3000120
CLewis, Peyton2100200
2BGibbons, Cameron4110003
CFOrtega-Jones, Isaiah3010000
PWood, Zeke0000000
PSundgren, Trevis0000000
PStivors, Tristan0000000

Game two

Utah Valley 4 

LFCutchen, Trey4000002
1BPonti, Brody4120020
SSCoburn, Kyle0000000
RFVossen, Paul4231000
SSBroussard, Garrett2100110
1BLuna, Brandon1000010
2BMadsen, Mick4013001
DHSims, Drew4010021
CFMoralez, Mitch2020100
CHansen, Copper4010012
3BJordan, Cole3000001
PBeardsley, Cal0000000
PMcCollough, Luke0000000
PKarns, Alex0000000
PBrown, Carson0000000

Texas State 14

SSShuffield, Dalton4421100
PHLeary, Ryan1012000
RFWuthrich, John3222100
1BPena, Daylan4012020
LFGonzalez, Jose3002000
DHFaison, Wesley4022102
3BThompson, Justin4220103
CRamirez, August4221110
2BGibbons, Cameron5221012
CFOrtega-Jones, Isaiah3221001
PHAtkinson, Kyle1000010
PDixon, Triston0000000
PKeithley, Carson0000000

Game three

Utah Valley 5

LFCutchen, Trey5011010
3BBroussard, Garrett5000012
1BMadsen, Mick2110311
CSims, Drew5120002
SSYates, Kayler4211110
CFMoralez, Mitch5010011
RFJordan, Cole4021010
DHLuna, Brandon3112001
2BCoburn, Kyle4000013
PGray, Mason0000000
PHauck, Andrew0000000
PSims, Nick0000000

Texas State 3

CFMcClain, Ben3110100
RFWuthrich, John5000012
1BPena, Daylan4111000
LFGonzalez, Jose4021000
DHFaison, Wesley3000121
3BThompson, Justin4010003
2BManning, Cade2000001
2BGibbons, Cameron2010001
CLewis, Peyton3000110
SSLeary, Ryan2000000
SSShuffield, Dalton1111100
PWells, Levi0000000
PBush, Cameron0000000
PWofford, Otto0000000
PNicholas, Matthew0000000
PZabel, Peyton0000000

Game four 

Utah Valley 2

LFCutchen, Trey4020000
1BPonti, Brody4000001
DHVossen, Paul3000110
3BCoburn, Kyle0000000
3B/SSBroussard, Garrett3010010
2BMadsen, Mick3000012
SS/PYates, Kayler2110100
PCook, Dylan0000000
CFMoralez, Mitch3110010
CHansen, Copper3001010
RFJordan, Cole3000021
PYocum, Cole0000000
PRust, Coop0000000
PZeleny, Blake0000000
PBrown, Josh0000000

Texas State 14

LFMcClain, Ben4100112
RFWuthrich, John4331100
DHFaison, Wesley5220000
SSShuffield, Dalton4232000
1BPena, Daylan4223102
3BThompson, Justin4211110
CLewis, Peyton4111122
2BGibbons, Cameron4023100
CFOrtega-Jones, Isaiah4113113
PRobie, Tony0000000
PNicholas, Matthew0000000
PSmith, Austin0000000

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