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I constantly hear conversations about how college can be huge waste of time and a small amount of fun. I respect the opinion, but its their own fault.

Before entering a college classroom, I often wondered what it would be like to finally be enrolled at a university. How similar would it be to high school and how intimidated would I feel? Well it came and went and I remember my first class I ever took. Looking back now it seems like it was not such a big deal.
Now that I’m here at have found my groove, I constantly hear conversations about how college can be a huge waste of time and a small amount of fun. I respect the opinion, but after watching our softball team lead themselves to their first-ever Great West Conference title, our basketball team getting accepted into a post season tournament or the baseball team sending two players to professional careers, I think it’s their own fault.
There are many ways to get involved here on Utah Valley’s campus, but I am just focusing on our athletics. I am confident that if our student body puts in the little effort it takes to get involved with a club that either plays sports or supports it, they will find their college experience worthwhile.
Within this issue, and specifically the sports section, readers can find out what it takes to be involved with the athletics here on campus. Whether it’s playing on an intramural team, trying out for an open try out, supporting our sponsored programs in the MAWL Club or writing for UVU Reviews sports column, there is something that will hopefully spark an interest to every student.
As I look back on my freshmen year of college, and every semester since then, I think about what I have witnessed on our home courts and fields and I can honestly say I am proud to have been a part of it in some way, either as a fan or as a writer. I have sat through torturous classes, dealt with frustrating teachers and spent enough money that could have paid my car off by now, but in no way can I say I have wasted my time and had no fun.
I can’t speak for every athletic department here on campus, but from my point of view, there are countless open doors welcoming anyone who wants to have a good time. Just bring yourself and a good attitude.
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” –Winston Churchill

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