Kevin Olsen

Juggling the Jazz

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Utah Jazz prepare for some tough conference matches by the end of this month.

The cars that drive us

Reading Time: 3 minutes It doesn’t matter so much what the car is that we drive. We find a way to love them regardless.

Heated hoops

Reading Time: 2 minutes From NBA to NCAA, basketball season is among us.

Soccer sweeps the conference

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Utah Valley women’s soccer team shifted their momentum before conference play en route to win their second consecutive Great West Conference tournament.

Sports Tracks

Reading Time: 2 minutes I constantly hear conversations about how college can be huge waste of time and a small amount of fun. I respect the opinion, but its their own fault.

UVU Athletics sport a growing future

Reading Time: 3 minutes Utah Valley University’s athletic program excelled in multiple programs throughout last season including earning Great West Conference titles in baseball, men’s basketball, soccer, volleyball and cross country.

Sports Tracks

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have made many mistakes since that day and I will undoubtably continue to make more. At the Review, we are constantly covering great stories in an honest and truthful manner while keeping a professional atmosphere.