How to tap into the resources of the writing center and public speaking lab

The Writing Center and Public Speaking Lab can be a vital resource for passing introductory courses. Photo by Tyler Hacking.

As part of the general education classes at UVU, each student is required to take an introduction to public speaking course. In this class, students are challenged with the task of constructing different types of speeches, and will then give their speeches in class. Access is also provided to the speech lab to help them with these tasks.

According to the official UVU public speaking lab webpage, their purpose is to “offer students enrolled in the Public Speaking Course (COMM 1020) an opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback about their speeches from trained Public Speaking Lab Mentors and communication faculty members. Students can schedule appointments to: (1) Practice oral delivery, (2) Receive outline assistance, (3) Topic selection guidance, and/or (4) Help finding and citing sources.” 

Some professors require students to visit the speech lab at least once before giving their speech in class, while others might not mention it at all. Take advantage of the help the public speaking lab offers by making an appointment here.

Another resource that is provided to incoming students at UVU is the writing center. There you can find seasoned writers who are disciplined in every writing style or format that could be required by a professor. They are also experts in spelling, grammar, syntax, and argument construction to assist you with any challenge 

According to the UVU writing center page, the writing center is currently offering online tutoring services by appointment only. These services are available Monday through Saturday and only one 45-minute session is available to each student per day. On campus, tutoring will be available this fall Monday through Friday by appointment, with some room for walk-ins depending on availability. 

For any questions or concerns about the writing center, call 801-863-8936

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