UVU Police arrest serial burglar

A 30-year old man was captured and arrested after attempting to flee from Utah Valley University Police on Oct. 6 at University Mall as a burglary suspect in three other states for thefts at university athletic facilities, including UVU’s Brent Brown Ballpark which was burglarized on Sept. 23.


Teto Peter Faust of Colorado Springs, Co. was arrested near the Cinemark Theater at University Mall after a UVU employee spotted a 2004 Toyota Corolla that matched a stolen vehicle description of the suspected burglar, according to a press release.


The vehicle’s description came from security camera footage taken from the night of the Sept. burglary. Stolen items found in the suspect’s car, which included athletic merchandise and laptop computer equipment, totaled around $10,000, according to Detective Kelly Liddiard with UVU police.


“His back window was filled with stolen caps with collegiate logos,” said Bryan Cunningham, a UVU police officer who assisted Sgt. Justin Sprague in the the arrest.


The suspect was wanted for a number of felonies in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as for athletic facility burglaries at UVU, BYU, Adams State College, Fort Lewis College, and Boise City High School in Oklahoma.


Faust is currently being held in the Utah County Jail on five second-degree felony counts of burglary, theft of a stolen vehicle, fraud and forgery, illegal drug possession, and other charges of identity theft.


The suspect also has a pending felony count of aggravated sexual abuse of a child in Colorado Springs.

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