Wear it now: Watcha wearin’ over there? Underwear as outerwear?

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It must be at least partially Lady Gaga’s fault. Underwear is now not only acceptable, but also trendy outerwear.

But before even thinking about trying this trend out, remember this: Pick one part of the body to show off: legs or torso. For the love of your human decency, save the stripper look for Halloween. And if it’s possible, please keep it at the clubs, not on campus.

Moving on. The recent short shorts and skirts frenzy can be updated with stay-ups. These stockings are best worn in solid or minimally patterned black, as they demand enough attention without crazy patterns and neon colors.

When wearing a bralet, PLEASE make sure to layer it with a jacket and don’t wear lowcut pants. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not mid-nineties Gwen Stefani. Besides, it’s winter.

Day in class

Suggesting underwear is more effective than actually using underwear. This is especially true for day-time wear. Lace is an easy way to get the look without baring all. A shirt with lace detailing worn with rough jeans and chain necklaces creates a fashionable good girl/bad girl look.

Corsets are another option. Paired with a jacket, they can be more stylish than a plain tee. Charlotte Russe offers many affordable corsets with lots of personality. The floral denim corset ($24.99) has a retro feel while being cute and girly. For a modern look, try out the abstract ribbon corset ($24.99). The python paneled corset ($12.49) is feisty and a great transition piece if you are heading straight from class to a night out with the girls.

Night on town

Body suits (or bodies) are great for the more adventurous. They’re not very prevalent in stores yet, so online shopping is the way to get this item. Topshop.com has many options for bodies. The bonjour body ($36) features a scoop neck and is more reminiscent of a casual graphic tee, while the lace frill shoulder body ($50) is a fancier option. Forever 21 also offers a few bodysuits, starting at $15.80.

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