Find what’s been found: Scera opens new art exhibit

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Photo courtesy of SCERA Center for the Arts

Photo courtesy of SCERA Center for the Arts

enelope Jones, a scenic artist for SCERA’s many theatrical productions, opened an exhibit entitled “Found Art” at the SCERA Center’s Gallery 101 last Friday.

“Found Art,” Jones’ first one-woman show, is filled with pieces made from used objects. The exhibit combines recycling and art in a way seldom seen in the galleries of Utah Valley.

The collection is eclectic, including a suitcase collage, pieces made of wood, a large mural, portraits, as well as metal statues and steam punk vehicles. There is also a series of pieces on exhibit titled “Creation of the Earth.”

“This exhibit is full of grand creativity,” said Adam J. Robertson, President and CEO of SCERA. “It’s very unique, colorful and a lot of fun. This would be something the whole family would enjoy.”

The genre of found art, also known as objet trouvé or readymade, was created by French artist Marcel Duchamp. His most recognizeable peice is titled “Fountain,” and it is made out of a urinal.

As is tradition at SCERA’s Gallery 101, the exhibit opened with an artist reception on Feb. 5, where the general public was invited to meet Jones.

Jones has taken art classes at UVU, as well as BYU and Columbus College in Georgia. She works as a scenic artist both at SCERA and at the Hale Center Theater Orem.

Photos courtesy of SCERA Center for the arts

Photos courtesy of SCERA Center for the arts

To continue creating found art, Jones would appreciate donations of unused or odd bits of metal. To donate contact the SCERA center at 801-225-ARTS or April Berlin at 801-225-2569 ext. 1011


What: “Found Art” by Penelope Jones

Duration: now through Feb. 26

When: Open Monday-Saturday, noon to 9 p.m.

Where: SCERA Center’s Gallery 101, 745 S. State in Orem

Admission: Free

More information: