The perks of student involvement

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During my strenuous time in college, I’ve been enrolled in four schools and have participated in many forms of student involvement. My first role, at SLCC, was the man behind a mask, the infamous mascot–Bruin Bear. I pretty much did that throughout my whole tenure at SLCC, while also wearing a few other hats. Some of those hats ranged from student life and leadership roles to writing for the school newspaper: The Globe.

Student involvement ranges from joining clubs relating to one’s major to being the student body president. These positions are often volunteer, which eventually can migrate into paid, “stipend” positions or scholarships. Getting your classes paid for while doing something fun and enjoyable– who could resist? My first semester at UVU I was a department rep. for the Communication Department, at a volunteer level. Now, I’m on a (grade pending) scholarship, as the opinion editor for The Review.

Why I’m such an advocate for student involvement is simple: you will build connections, get opportunities, meet new friends and, most importantly, get yourself ready for graduation.

As I enter into my senior year, I look back at all the things I’ve done in school, and I can safely say I have no regrets, even with the thought that it took me over ten years to get a four-year degree. I urge fellow students, especially those entering freshman year, to look into the clubs within your major or department, look to write for The Review and also look to maybe do some student government. You may not instantly start out with a scholarship, but, as you open up those doors, the opportunities are definitely endless.

Good luck Wolverines, get involved, ask questions, meet friends, go on dates and broaden that network.

For more information on ways you can get involved, or to write for The Review, tweet me: @thereal_jsanch.

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