Jesse Ruins Fall Semester: Why I loathe fall semester

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you haven’t decoded it yet, I despise fall semester. I know this makes me sound like some whiny brat and that all I’m good for is complaining, but let the record be known that I do have positive things to say. Honestly, it’s just that fall semester is among us again, and it happens to be so easy to complain about.

To put it lightly, fall semester sucks. I say this on plenty of levels, too. As this is my tenth or so fall semester, I feel like I have a strong validation and sense of credibility to speak on as to what makes it such a bad semester. Let’s just reflect on this week, however.

This week was a lot of firsts for fellow Wolverines. It was a first week of school for some, and for others just a first week of a new semester. For me, it was the first week of my last year. Whatever firsts you’re celebrating, you’re doing so right after a (not long enough) summer break. That transition alone is hell.

Next, there were absolutely way too many of us here on campus, so trying to navigate through campus was a joke. As I attempted to drive through the roadways, I saw that we had a plenty of students holding up traffic by crossing at places other than the crosswalks. Freshmen, I know you’re lost and all, but please use the bloody crosswalks. Save the time and possibly your life. Those crosswalks shouldn’t be too hard to find either.

After finally getting to where I needed to be, it took me damn-nearly two and a half hours just to find parking. Every day. Parking seriously sucks here as-is; however, the first few weeks are always hands-down the worst. Give it three to four weeks and people somehow just disappear. Odd.

Finally, walking through the hallways was shoulder-to-shoulder with one-another. Honestly, I’m not trying to get too close to anyone here, but if we became best friends, don’t be shocked. Just buy me dinner first.

Every fall semester it’s the same story. The ambitious young-ins who just graduated and think they can do college, but by the time December hits they realize they bit off more than they could chew and an odd number of you drop out, leaving us to wonder if you’re dead in a ditch.

Stay strong Wolverines, and together we’ll accomplish this brutal beast of a semester!