Jesse Ruins True Wolverine: A peach is a peach and a plum is a plum, but a kiss ain’t no kiss without some tongue

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Blessed is the beloved True Wolverine. True Wolverine is one of UVU’s continuous traditions, one where strangers meet in the courtyard under an oh-so romantic midnight sky. These strangers, after pairing off, enjoy a lip-lock moment only to never speak again.  It’s my opinion that True Wolverine is the worst introduction to what UVU is about.

True Wolverine is an easy introduction to UVU for freshmen, but the event does have a good turnout of returning students. It provides a solid opportunity for students to break out of their comfort zones and meet new people. That’s about all it’s good for, however.

Incorporating a lip-lock with a stranger…well, that’s by far the dumbest way to make friends. Sure, UVU rests in the heart of “Happy Valley,” so, rest assured, one is more than likely to avoid contracting some form of herpes. However, how does any student know what their randomly selected partner does or does not have? The pre-kiss pack that was provided at the event included some lip balm and mints, but where’s the Abreva (cold sore medicine)?

One freshman, which requested not to be identified when interviewed, said that she had kissed over 20 guys that night. A few of them were lucky enough to get tongue. When asked if she was worried about what she may or may not contract, she was quick to address that it was a scare, but that it wasn’t something she thought about beforehand.

Freshman Amarissa Morehouse also pointed out an overlooked problem with True Wolverine: the boundaries that are invaded and the self-worth issues it can establish. “A lot of the guys are really persistent, and it kind of makes you feel uncomfortable. And sometimes guys are so persistent that they get handsy and you don’t really know how to respond in those reactions.”

She also added that those who don’t get asked question their self-worth, and the guys wonder why they keep getting rejected. She feels strongly that there could be a better event, as there are pros and cons to True Wolverine.

For some students, attending True Wolverine is a blessing. It can lead into a NCMO (especially for you awkward introverts), a relationship, and even more, one’s future eternal companion. Freshman Madison Ashworth said, “I think True Wolverine is awesome. I kissed a lot, like 10 guys tonight. I only knew one, but you just don’t think about it. It’s casual and fun.” For those students like Ashworth, there may be a joy from that quick fix. However, I feel that that doesn’t define one’s college experience.

The Review tweeted a poll to see what was more important to attend: Soccer double-header or True Wolverine? Close to 100 students took the poll, with soccer winning 90 percent to 10 percent. As this poll demonstrates, there are plenty more students who would rather participate in a school function than in an evening with a stranger.

As fellow students, both new and old, look to get more involved. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other events that can define one to be a “True Wolverine.” These events are both on and off campus and won’t require a midnight kiss. Remember fellow Wolverines, sharing isn’t always caring.