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Polite Protesters

June 26 — An officer was requested to be present during a circus held at the UCCU Center. Outside the event were two protesters who were not disruptive and followed rules without question.

Leafy Substance

June 26 — A vehicle traveling with a broken headlight was stopped by an officer. The officer recognized an odor of marijuana present in the car and searched the area. Three large bags of a green-leafy substance, which appeared to be marijuana, were found. The driver was released with a citation.

Nap Time

June 26 — Officers responded to a report of a man lying unresponsive on the ground near the freeway. Medical services arrived and after inspecting the man concluded that nothing was wrong, he was only sleeping.

Phone Threats

June 27 — A man had been making phone threats to people on the lower level of the BA building. Officers took the man to the Ombudsman’s office for clarification.

Suspicious Driver

June 27 — A vehicle was reported to be driving around for an extended length of time in a UVU parking lot. An officer responded and found it was a father teaching his teenage son how to drive.

Open Doors

June 27 — While unlocking the doors on campus, an officer noticed the first level of the Pope Science building was unlocked. There was no sign of suspicious activity.

Construction Safety

June 27 — An officer responded to a call that a door that led outside to nearby construction was open. The person who made the call expressed their concern for others safety with this door being opened. The officer closed the door.

Children at Play

June 29 — An officer responded to a report of children occupying the roof of the parking garage. No children were found in the area.

Missing Fuel

July 5 — A man reported missing diesel fuel and gasoline that was left underneath a trailer behind the Science building the previous day. There was no sign of theft or a suspect at that time.

Overnight Parking

July 6 — While on patrol, an officer noticed a Ford Focus in the parking garage, a Jeep in lot L3 and an Infiniti in lot L10. The vehicles were red-tagged for overnight parking.

Hot Car

July 8 — A vehicle in the administration parking lot caught fire. When the officer responded, the Orem Fire Department had already put the fire out and the vehicle was towed.

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