Fighting for the students

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Courtesy of UVUSA

Fighting for higher state funding for tuition, serving as liaison between students and faculty members and budgeting for and inviting UVUSA speakers on campus are just some of the duties David Millet will undertake as he serves as the Vice President of Academics in the Executive Council.

He will oversee many student activities and projects, such as working with the school senators, coordinating times for regular speakers to visit UVU campus and encouraging students to actively participate in planned activities.

Millet was very pleased to see the student attendance at events like the debate on marijuana and casino night. He commented that those kinds of events speak to different kinds of students and plans to include more of a variety in student activities this year.

Millet, despite being the only candidate for his office, still faces many struggles. One such struggle is tuition. Millet said that only 42 percent of tuition is state funded, with students paying up 58 percent, making this university a tax-assisted school.

Millet is currently working with state representatives and school senators to improve UVU’s state funding and gaining the respect UVU deserves as a certified university.

Another issue Millet commented on was the lack of student involvement in the UVUSA office elections this year.

“It’s disappointing.” Millet said. “We represent the students in fights for issues such as tuition and parking. I’m afraid we’re not being utilized. I’m not sure how many students are aware of what we do.”

Millet commented that he felt like he isn’t able to properly represent the students when there is a lack of student voice being given to him and his fellow officers.

He felt it was difficult to understand the needs of the student body when students are either uninvolved or uninterested.

“I’m pushing for [the council] to have some face-to-face time with the student body,” Millet said. “We want to be the students’ friends, and not just a leader.”

Millet still has a deep passion for the school and its direction. This passion has driven him to push campaigns such as putting the face of council officers out into the public view and encouraging students to attend UVUSA activities by giving more publicity to activities such as guest speakers and social events.

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